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Danvers Youth Soccer is an accredited Mass Youth/Mass Ref Genesis Referee Program (formerly known as the "Grassroots Referee Program"), for players who would like to learn how to be referees. Massachusetts Referee Certification age requirements do not permit individuals under the age of 14 to become fully USSF certified referees, but the GRP allows players 6th grade and older the opportunity to be trained and get experience to prepare them to become certified.
For NEW referees, the course is comprised of 2-4 hours of classroom instruction, including instruction on the Laws of the Game, game management, and specific application of DYS rules. RETURNING referees will have a 1 hour review course. After completing the classroom portion, participants will receive ongoing on field instruction and experience by being assigned to DYS Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 4 games under the supervision of DYS referee mentors.

DYS will provide training materials, and a referee uniform and whistle for each participant. Participants will be required to provide a wristwatch with stopwatch or timer function, which may be purchased from DYS for $17. They will receive a training stipend for each game slot they are on the field. Current rates are $12 per Gr1 game, $15 per Gr2 game and $15-$18 per Gr4 game. The stipend will be issued at the conclusion of the season upon return of the referee uniform and submission of the required game reports.

Games are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and participants must be available for at least 4 weeks each season.
Eligible new participants are 2022-2023 6th - 8th grade players in the DYS program. Returning referees will receive a special link to register with.
The minimum age to become a USSF Certified Official by completing the Massachusetts State Referee Committee/USSF Grassroots Referee Course is 14. Participants who show the aptitude and desire to become certified may be eligible for classroom and/or age waivers after 2 seasons in the DYS Genesis Referee Program.

For more information, contact Jeff Chambers at  .